FUCH Beliefs+Agreements


We are a Unitarian Universalist community, inspired by our Principles, boldly growing compassion, justice, and joy.


Our Vision is to be a self-sustaining, growing, vibrant, inclusive community serving as a beacon of religious freedom and expression.

COvenaNt of Right Relations:

We, the Congregation of the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu, in order to create unity among diversity and promote spiritual growth, covenant to: 
  • Trust and acknowledge the good intentions of each other. 
  • Create openness by actively listening and check assumptions by asking questions and verifying facts. 
  • Honor our time commitments to each other. 
  • Use the democratic process whenever possible to create trust and inclusion. 
  • Know and follow the existing policies and bylaws of the Church. 
  • Create mutual trust by communicating privately and promptly with each other to resolve problems; refrain from speaking ill of another. 
  • When in disagreement or conflict with each other, take a deep breath(!), speak respectfully and stay relaxed; avoid labeling, judging, or criticizing. 
  • Have the courage to call “time out” during meetings or conversations to restore right relations 
  • Seek assistance from the Mission Ministry Team if we feel we cannot resolve a problem on our own. 
  • Express our appreciation frequently for the amazing contributions of our church members, leaders, and professionals. 

Through honoring this Covenant, we commit to growing Compassion, Justice, and Joy within 

ourselves, our congregation and our community.