Criminal Justice/Injustice

The First Unitarian Church of Honolulu Social Justice Council and congregation are active in exploring the critical issues related to incarceration, in Hawaii and beyond,
supporting discussion and action to promote kindness and justice.

We hope you May join us at this important meeting!
Community Dialog for Justice


THURS, NOV 17TH 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Track the issues and resources

Community Alliance on Prisons

Kat Brady of CAP is an outstanding resource on these issues, presenting and sharing at church workshops, keeping us informed by her emails, attending and reporting on issues throughout the state and maintaining the CAP website/blog. In case you want to be added to her email updates or have specific questions, here is Kat Brady’s email:

Civil Beat

This local news service is an excellent resource to learn and follow these issues.

“Inmates Facing Inhumane Conditions” is an important article on the current situation. You will also find there articles on the OCCC (Oahu Community Corrections Center) relocation proposals and discussions.

Department of Public Safety- Hawaii Corrections Services
This is the official website for governmental services in corrections.

Opportunities for Discussion and Action

Interfaith Alliance Hawaii Open Table monthly panels have focused on prison and education issues and more, and are managed by two of our church members, Thomas and Cynthia Lynch.

First Life After Prison First L.A.P.

Matthew Taufetee leads a group and housing services for prisoners reentering society. Mentoring, jobs and donations could be helpful.

Total Life Recovery Program

@ Womens’ Community Correctional Center is a faith-based, gender specific program that addresses every area of a woman’s life mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

First Unitarian Church of Honolulu

This flyer, and a new webpage on our website, summarize information  sources and activities to aid those who want to learn more and want to participate in building solutions. Look for the webpage under the “Social Justice” header on the top navigation bar of the website. (if you go there you will be able to quickly click on the links below instead of having to type them into your browser.)

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